Non Boater Policy

We want this weekend to be the best possible experience that it can be for for everyone attending. Because of this there is some basic information that both parties should know.

Non Boaters – Remember you are guest on another WEW attendees boat. You are not on a paid for fishing charter. You are being paired up with an angler that brought their own personal boat out of goodwill from the boat owner. This means that…

• You are on the boat as a guest, not a client. You are expected to share in the workload on the boat. It is expected that this experience would be just like going out with a fishing buddy for the day. Remember the boat owner is the captain and makes the calls for the day and how the shared work of the boat will be divided up unless other arrangements have been made like the passenger is on the boat to help teach the boat owner.

• The equipment on the boat is the captains personal equipment. In this situation the motto applies,”You break it, you bought it”. To avoid this situation it is advised that you bring your own equipment with you, including a PFD (life jacket). In the case that that an owners equipment is broken or damaged by a guest on their vessel, an appraisal will be done on the value of the equipment to be repaired or replaced by a member of Lance Valentine’s ProStaff and you will be expect to pay for the damages.

Both Parties – Running a boat (especially on big water like Lake Erie) can be expensive for a day (Gas, Oil, Etc…) and it is expected that the guest shares in the cost with the owner 50/50 plus an additional $20.00 for the weekend to help cover the cost of transporting the boat there. It is expected that the boat owner and the guest works out and agrees on the cost of running the boat and settles up daily before you arrive at the meeting hall for dinner.