Can Young Anglers attend?
Absolutely! The Walleye Education Weekends are a family friendly environment, and we encourage you to bring along young anglers to enjoy the fun. Any angler young enough to not need a fishing license to legally fish can attend the event for $100 if the following conditions are met: 1) youth angler must stay in a room with two (2) adults who paid full price 2) youth angler must fish with a parent or guardian over 18 (no youth non boaters) 3) youth angler must fully complete and submit a trip sign up form and complete the payment process

 How can I make my payments?
Online through our store with credit card or PayPal.

Can people new to walleye fishing attend a Walleye Education Weekend?
Yes. Our Walleye Education Weekends are designed to help you learn proper walleye strategies, techniques and locations. We have a wide range of anglers participating from novice to tournament pros. If you are going to participate as a “boater” then you will need a minimum level of equipment to be successful (see Recommended Equipment Section). You can also participate as a “non boater”

Are people without a boat allowed to participate?
Yes. We have a limited number of spots available for “non boaters”. You will be matched up with a “boater” if they have available seating. You are expected to pay for a fair share of all boating expenses ($30-40/day). Please contact us if you need more information at walleye101trips@gmail.com

How did the Walleye Education Weekends get started?
Lance Valentine organized the first “Trophy Hunt” in 2003 to take his famous “Walleye 101” seminar series to the water to have anglers try and practice the concepts they learned in the classroom. The goal was to help anglers become better walleye fishermen. The basic concept has a group of anglers exchanging walleye fishing information on the water via marine radios during the day and back at the hotel at night. The concept took off and today Walleye Education Weekends take place on numerous lakes throughout the Midwest.

Can we reserve a hotel room for additional days?
Any additional nights lodging will have to be booked directly through the motel.

Who is Lance Valentine?
Great question. Lance is a former tournament walleye fisherman turned fishing educator, full time guide and Instructional DVD producer. Lance and his Walleye 101 organization have a tremendous following throughout the Midwest. He spends a significant part of each season teaching walleye fishing techniques at seminars and boat shows. Lance also guides on numerous bodies of water and has a custom line of educational DVD’s and walleye fishing tackle.

Do I need a big boat to fish?
That depends. Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay can be extremely dangerous – particularly in the fall. We have many anglers that fish safely every year out of 17-20ft boats. Depending on the time of year, walleye may close to shore. They may also be miles off shore. We closely monitor weather conditions before heading out but only you can determine if it’s safe to fish for your particular boat and experience level

Does a Walleye Educational Weekend day get cancelled in bad weather? 
Yes. If the Coast Guard issues a small craft advisory, or conditions dictate we will cancel a fishing day. If that occurs, be ready to learn as we will have a full day of learning opportunities, workshops and seminars planned.

 What happens if we can’t go fishing one day due to weather?
Great question, and believe it or not lots of our guests have commented that they get more from a day of not fishing than they do from a day on the water. The focus of the trip is on EDUCATION, not just fishing. If we are stuck on land, Lance and the Walleye 101 staff will be presenting in-depth seminars at a location to be announced. These seminars have covered many different topics over the years and make a day of not fishing pass quickly and if you are not careful, you just might learn something to help you catch more fish!

Can we dock/park/charge our boats over night?
Yes. Walleye 101 will arrange for overnight boat storage in a location that will allow batteries to be charged.  On most trips boat slips are available at an additional charge.

Do I need a partner to participate?
Absolutely not! Single anglers are always welcome. If you are coming alone we can either pair you up with a roommate or, if you prefer, a single room is available for a small extra charge.

 Is there a place to store our fish during the trip?
Currently we have no way to store fish for the time of the trip. Bring along a good cooler for packing and storing your fish during the days of the trip.

 Is there a place to clean our fish?
Yes. A fishing cleaning station with water, electricity and carcass disposal bags is set up at each trip Thursday-Sunday. Hours and location will be announced at the check in meeting on Thursday night. Please bring your own knives, extension cords and bags for your fillets.

Will I need a fishing License?
Yes, a license is required for fishing for anyone over 17 in both Michigan and Ohio. Licenses are available daily, for a 3 day period or annually. There are stores in the area that sell licenses but the easiest way to get a license is online – use the link on our website to purchase online…CLICK HERE

Can I purchase the tackle I need when I arrive?
It is best to be prepared before coming to the trip, but there are tackle stores close to most of our locations.  We will inform you a few weeks before the trip of what to bring and where the best place to purchase tackle will be for each trip.

What do I do for lunch?
You are responsible for your own lunch during the trip.  Many restaurants in town offer a sack lunch for anglers that can be ordered and picked up in the mornings.  Information will be available in your pre-trip information and at Thursday check-in.

What if I catch the fish of a lifetime?
We will have a large fish ruler and an IGFA certified scale at the fish cleaning area. If you catch a personal best, paperwork will be filled out by a staff member and you will receive a special gift a few weeks after the trip. If you catch a State award winner, we will help you fill out the paperwork and take care of getting your certificate and award pin mailed to your home. There are excellent taxidermists a short drive away if you wish to have a fish mounted.

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